Learn More About Live Power Data in Yes Energy

Fast, Reliable, Real-Time Generation & Transmission Data

Stay ahead of the competition and the markets with Live Power's fast, reliable, real-time generation and transmission data - available exclusively in Yes Energy's products. 

An Edge on your Competition: 

With Live Power's 60-second generation and transmission data in Yes Energy, learn what's happening in the markets before your competition!  Live Power's data often comes in before the ISO reports it in real-time.  This gives you a head start so you can monitor the markets for the outages and constraints that drive volatility, allowing you to make quick, informed, and profitable real-time decisions.

About Live Power:

Live Power uses patented sensor technology to capture real-time data from the electric grid, which they use to determine the output from power plants and the flow on transmission lines. These sensors provide 60-second updates on generation and transmission line power flow across Live Power’s entire network of sensors. Yes Energy is currently the exclusive distributor of Live Power data, and the data can be displayed throughout our products.

About Live Power & Yes Energy's Partnership

Since our inception, Yes Energy has been hearing that our customers want real-time generation and transmission data within our products.  That's why we've partnered with Live Power.  Yes Energy has developed a module specifically for Live Power, in addition to making their data available throughout our other modules so that you can get the most out of their data combined with Yes Energy's extensive collection!